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SS19 Campaign

Survival and success in the digital age

Fresh from starting the year off with a strong preview of their Fall/Winter 2019 collection at Paris Fashion Week in a showroom that opened up a universe of new perspectives by a kinetic virtual reality installation, Amsterdam clothing and lifestyle label, Daily Paper, are now ready to unveil their Spring/Summer 2019 campaign in its entirety. The full collection is available now at the Daily Paper website, their Amsterdam stores and all leading global lifestyle retailers.

Last season Daily Paper shun a light on our politically engaged society and it was impossible for them not to react. They recruited a community in hope to unite like-minds to explore and protect themselves from the uncertainty of what was and is to come. Within their own community, they discovered the importance placed on a global community, on relevance, on achievement, equality, privacy, and freedom. They encouraged self-education and explored how we could protect ourselves and our freedom with the power of privacy in a time where we question if it even still exists.

The concept

Centred around the concept of Africa leapfrogging and mastering the 4th Industrial Revolution, for the SS19 season Daily Paper explores survival and success in the digital age and the need to invest in ourselves and take power back into our own hands. Reconnecting with humanity and the community within an environment of rising automation and leverage the technology before it leverages us.

From mobile microphone hacking for targeted ads, information overload to cyber vigilantism, Daily Paper realise our data is valuable but also vulnerable, along with ourselves. Although at many times convenient the constant surveillance and interception threatens our privacy, our freedom of expression and also our freedom of association. We believe that the digital age can empower and accelerate us but only if we leverage it before it leverages us. We feel the need to reclaim some power over our experience in the digital age. We attempt to answer the question; How to Survive & Succeed in the Digital Age.

Daily Paper's Spring/Summer 2019 campaign was brought to life in South Africa in a toned-lensed photo series of models who exhibited unique energy that aligned with the burgeoning brand and offered a close look at the advert graphic-heavy collection inspired by the tech age seen throughout Africa. The visuals draw upon various silhouettes and fabrications that fuse a present-day look with garments that suggest the aesthetic of the world to come.

Daily Paper's SS19 line is out now and available to view and purchase at the Daily Paper website and their Amsterdam stores plus all leading global lifestyle retailers.